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Can move my neck and spine

"After five chiropractic visits, I am able to move my neck and spine in ways I didn't realize I was missing. I had felt tension in my neck and spine for a long time but had became accustomed to it as "normal." I now feel as though a huge knot has been untied and my body want to stretch and breathe as never before. I look forward, enthusiastically, to a vitality I haven't had in years."
A.P., age 51, New York

Tremendous improvement

"After three weeks of seeing my chiropractor, I have felt tremendous improvement. My mind and body together, feel healthier than they have in a long while. Last night after my adjustment, I experienced a free flow of energy. It was as if the blockage between my mind and body vanished. I felt sensations in my head that were comforting and reassuring. When I laid down to sleep, I dreamed that I was being lifted out of some kind of depth of discomfort. I am excited for the next few weeks to come..."
D.S., age 22, Student New York

Arm Pain Gone

"I had the good fortune of being referred to Chiropractic by my friend in October. I had experienced up to that point chronic pain in my left arm and was under a tremendous amount of stress. After being under chiropractic the pain is gone, and even though there's still a lot for me to be stressed about, my body is experiencing improved breathing, musculature movement and a renewed zest for life. Negative habits are being slowly abated, and I can glimpse real hope for the future. My only regret is that I didn't listen to my friend sooner and experience the miracle of Chiropractic ages ago."
C.K., age 51, Mother of 2, New York

Back Pain

"In early December of 2000 I had low back spasms and excruciating pain. It would take me 45 minutes to walk inch by inch to the bathroom for Tylenol. Then on Groundhog Day, Feb. 2, 2001 about 6 weeks later, after chiropractic sessions, I hiked through deep snow down a very steep unplowed road to the Lake - and up again! A strenuous walk for anyone even in the summertime. Not one twinge of pain anywhere for me!! On sidewalks I almost glide physically and float spiritually."
With great appreciation, J. M. B. age 73, New York

Quality of Life

"While under care at this office, I have also noticed the following changes in my quality of life and ability to function and perform. Work doesn't stress me out much now and I laugh again with ease. I am much more peaceful overall. I find myself automatically stopping to stretch and relax my neck and shoulder at different points throughout the day. In addition, the urge to smoke has decreased after only 7 visits. I have gone from 1 & 1/2 packs a day to 3/4 pack a day."
S. M. age 46, New York

Breathe More Deeply

"Over the months, I've noticed a number of changes. The first was that I was able to breathe more deeply and slowly. Persistent insomnia was alleviated, and I became more flexible and better able to relax. Perhaps, the most astonishing thing was the way I was able to handle one of the most stressful periods of my life, a four-month period marked by overwork, financial difficulty, and the deaths of loved ones. This weekend, following a particularly dramatic adjustment I drove seven hours down to D.C. and back. Predictably, there was sharp lower back pain at the end of the drive. But instead of persisting, it went away the next day -- after falling into an old pattern, my spine was able to correct itself. Pretty exciting after all these years of pain...."
DJM, age 30, New York

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